Hello there; welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting! I am a forty something farmer in Wiltshire, England. I have felt I have reached a time in my life when I want to write a few things down and share some ideas I have long thought about before the chance has passed. I really don’t mind if I attract one reader or a thousand; this blog is really a personal challenge to try to coherently articulate a few things important to my life’s journey so far. Hopefully it will at the very least represent a useful archive of my thoughts and beliefs for future generations of my family to laugh at!

I am lucky to be a husband to an amazing wife Katherine and a father to two young children Sophie and Bertie.

I have always had a passion for farming and am lucky to have grown up and lived and worked in the beautiful and historic Wiltshire countryside on a mixed arable and dairy farm.

I hope to cover a wide range of unconnected subjects which are important to me but the main theme will be modern agriculture, global/societal change, religion, alcohol mobile phones and even astronomy. I welcome any thoughts (and criticism) but hope these topics are thought provoking. Thank you for visiting.


I make no apology for the fact this blog is a bit chaotic….perhaps a ‘mind scrapbook’! For me this has been an opportunity to practice my writing skills but also put into words some of the things I spend time thinking about! If a single person gains one positive outcome from reading my posts I will consider this a worthwhile exercise! Life is flying past and I hope you find something of value; we live in pivotal times. Thanks for visiting…any comments/feedback appreciated however blunt they may be!